Monday, March 29, 2010

South by Southwest 2010

So, seeing as how I haven't posted on here in many months, I feel an explanation is in order.

First, I realized that since there are other blogs that are better written, news sites that provide more news, etc. , I needed a new direction here (ideally one with realistic goals). Thus, I've decided to periodically add a streaming mix up here that is either of a category, or random, depending on the month. I figure if people are bored of listening to Pandora/ and are searching for new music, hopefully you'll stop here and find something new to check out.

And so, here is mix #1: SXSW 2010. All songs relating to bands I saw at, discovered because of, or was lucky enough to rediscover at South by Southwest this year. I saw many, but I tried to include a lot. Thoughts/suggestions/etc. are always welcome below: