Saturday, February 23, 2008

RickoLus - Dear Projectionist

Myspace Music: An Evaluation

-Introductions to great new artists that you've never heard of before. Immediate access to some of their music.

-Incessant friend requests from terrible bands. Pop-punk garbage piles have a tangible recording of their number of friends that can serve as a reminder of the unfairness of the music world.

With the way that information travels these days, it can be difficult to truly discover new music on your own - it seems much easier to be sick of hearing a band's name before you've even heard one of their songs. A little while back, I was looking for something new to listen to, and came across RickoLus' site through a local band's myspace page. It's great stuff, and most of it is available for free download on his website. If you like it, there is an area where you can donate to the cause of more music. Enjoy-

Mp3: RickoLus - Dear Projectionist

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