Thursday, March 27, 2008

Summer Music: Belle & Sebastian

It's pretty easy to develop associations, both good and bad, with your favorite music. For myself, Belle & Sebastian is a band that I've long associated with summer. It was a summer in high school when I heard my first B&S album and a summer in college that I first saw the group play live. When it starts getting warm out and I can feel the season changing, I seem to revisit all their albums without fail. Below, two of my favorite B&S songs that I'll surely be listening to soon (or now, considering we've already hit 80 degree weather...).

Mp3: Belle & Sebastian - Seeing Other People
Mp3: Belle & Sebastian - Dirty Dream Number Two


lauren dana said...

Oh man.. where's the peanut butter... cause u named the jamz!
oh and i hate internet word verfication p.s

Alexander said...

Hey Adam,

I just have to say, I completely agree. Every summer I have this connection between driving with the windows down listening to "La Pastie de la Bourgousie". They are a summer band absolutely.

I'd also make the case that summer is also the time that top 40 music is open for all hipsters and indie-rock fans to listen to. Anytime during the summer you blast Paramore or Kanye from your stereo, it is forgivable. Frankly, people walking down the sidewalk don't give a shit that the Smith's changed the face of 80's music, they'll just hear it and think (or shout) "Lame!!"

Winter is the time to jam to our favorite indie/folky artists...when it's not playing out the windows.

I'm not saying you should be ashamed of any music you listen to (I love James Taylor), but just to lighten up on the fellow indie rock fans who sell out during the summer for the Top 40 Jams.

That is all...

Beth Gismondi's Arts in Education Blog said... cute.

--The Christmas Mouse.