Friday, April 25, 2008

New Mates of State on the Way

The two happiest live performers that I've ever seen, Jason and Kori of Mates of State, have a new album coming out on May 20, and the early signs are very positive. The first single, "Get Better," features the husband and wife duo sharing vocals as usual, and it has all the hallmarks of the best MoS songs: gradually building tempo, complementary keyboards and drums, and overall, it is as catchy as ever. The video features all of that plus scooters and animal masks. Check it below, along with the Mates of State song that sold me 100% on these guys, and solidified them as one of my favorite bands, "Fluke."

As a sidenote, the band also has an entertaining blog in which they document their experiences as both parents and a band. Also, it's called "Band on the Diaper Run," which I think is very funny. You probably should too, I mean really.

Mp3: Mates of State - Fluke
Stream: Mates of State - Get Better
Video: Mates of State - Get Better

1/2 of Mates of State + 1/2 of Mates of State's Kids + all of Mates of State's demeanor:

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francis said...

Whatever. The two J's of the Skinnee variety we saw were far happier than Mates.

Well, agree to disagree then. At least we can agree that all of the above were happier than Matt Sharp.