Wednesday, July 23, 2008

White Hassle - Life is Still Sweet

I once read this quote from a musician in which they said that their favorite songs had upbeat music but dismal lyrics. While that pretty much defines a large part of indie rock these days, sometimes it's good to just listen to a song that's positive all around. New Yorkers White Hassle crafted one such song a few years back (which later inspired Isaac Brock to write "Float On," incidentally), "Life is Still Sweet." Although the band is now on hiatus, this track should live on in peoples' iPhones or whatever the kids have these days.

Mp3: White Hassle - Life is Still Sweet


Maria said...

Hello there,
I'm just really glad you put Life Is Still Sweet by White Hassle on your blogg, because I've been looking for it everywhere without finding it! Totally cool, thanks!

adam said...

No problem- I had the same experience, and that's part of why I posted it!

Thanks for reading-


Jason said...

link doesn't work =( could someone please send it to me? I'll be forever grateful!