Tuesday, February 03, 2009

(Sort of) New Ryan Adams EP

From the Ryan Adams Myspace Blarg:

Ryan Adams Valentine’s Day EP available on Itunes on 2/10. Ryan’s best love songs.

Extra Cheese
Answering Bell
My Love For You is Real
Unreleased bonus track Hey There, Mrs. Lovely

In other Ryan Adams news, he apparently quit smoking and learned about the downside of 20 years of smoking from his dentist. True story.

Mp3: Ryan Adams - My Love For You is Real (Live)


Kyle Duke said...

this is a weak EP. hopefully the recordings are new at least...

adam said...

Agree- I'm wondering if it's a label decision. Kinda makes me a little worried if he actually might quit music for awhile and this is the label's way of getting another release out there.

Roy said...

With the recent news- how timely!

aaron said...

blargsports dot corn