Monday, November 10, 2008

Clues - Perfect Fit

What happens when you mix a member of The Unicorns with a member of Arcade Fire with several Montrealites that I don't know? Well, based on the first song from the mysterious new band Clues, the answer is that it sounds like about 70% Unicorns, 10% Arcade Fire, and 20% non-identified. Which is to say, big thumbs up so far. The band has their debut album coming out at some point in 2009, and it is being released on Constellation. Please listen ASAP thx.

Mp3: Clues - Perfect Fit (link courtesy of


Lukas said...

They're no Islands, but I like the track. That artwork is fantastic, though.

adam said...

Yeah, I sort of forced myself to look for Unicorns/AF in the music. Not sure I can fully defend my %s, but I would say that the first minute and a half is very unicorns/islands-y in structure.

And that artwork took me a good 2 minutes, so glad to know my hard work is recognized.