Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Stephen Malkmus(!) - Gardenia

Stephen Malkmus is my hero. There really is no other way to say it. From Pavement through Real Emotional Trash, the forthcoming SM & the Jicks album, the man can not miss. To paraphrase the "Bobs" from Office Space (when they were discussing their love for Michael Bolton), it doesn't get much better for me than when he sings "Jenny and the Ess-Dog." "Gardenia" should please most Malkmus-followers, as it falls within the more accessible end of his classic work.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Gardenia [link removed]


Allison said...

Malkmus and co. are going on tour with john vanderslice as the opening act! beautiful!

lauren said...

stephen malkmus is a genius. I don't want to seem john sellers-esque, but lets face it, stephen is consistly his masterful self.