Wednesday, January 09, 2008

worth repeating: Lambchop/David Byrne - The Man Who Loved Beer

Back when it was released, I remember David Byrne's 2004 album Grown Backwards getting a decent amount of press, but it seemed that most reviewers were concerned primarily with its operatic moments and for the track, "Glass, Concrete, and Stone," which was featured in several films that year. While both aspects of the album are worth noting, it seems that it may have been easy for the general public to overlook a great cover song within the 15 tracks. "The Man Who Loved Beer," which was originally written and performed by the band Lambchop, has a great deal of added production along with Byrne's unmistakable vocal style. Both great versions in their own right; both worth checking out.

Mp3 - Lambchop - The Man Who Loved Beer
Mp3 - David Byrne - The Man Who Loved Beer

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