Tuesday, January 08, 2008

song addiction: The Elephants - Humans Extinct

Over at YANP, a great ongoing feature is the annual "12 Days of Mixmas," in which artists put together endearingly-specific mixes for the listening public. David Crane of one of my favorite new bands, BOAT (who I'll no doubt post about in the near future), has a mix that is catchy, upbeat, and unconventional (three traits I'd say BOAT themselves share).

One of my favorite tracks from the mix is "Humans Extinct," by Pacific Northwesterners The Elephants. It comes from a subgenre of music that I won't begin to try and come up with a name for, but in which I would put other favorites like Islands/The Unicorns, Danielson, and YACHT. Either way, it should be stuck in your head the rest of today.

Myspace: The Elephants
Mp3: The Elephants - Humans Extinct

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